Friday, June 27, 2008

New Halation Horizons


IdeaMapper said...

Gabe, I think your continued exploration of these has been worthwhile. These two are more luminous and intriguing than the earlier ones. I especially like the top one. The top third of both really glow.

I noticed that I like them better at the scale they appear in the blog post than when I click on them, but probably if I moved further away from the computer that would change. Dick did say this phenomenon happens "when viewed from a certain distance". I wonder how to decide the best viewing distance and scale? This might be something you'll have to experiment with if you decide to print them.

Keep up your explorations!


Gabe said...

Thank you Karen for your comment. I'm really curious what you liked about the smaller size vs. the more detailed version when the image is clicked on.

Might be useful for me to recommend clicking on the images to see the larger scale version.

Obviously I'd like them to work at every scale. Hmmm. You're right, it does get interesting.