Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Letter to Nicholas Christoff

In regards to this column by Nicholas Chrisoff, I emailed:

Dear Sir:

i just got something i hadn't before about WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON with this conservative dominance; i.e. how is it that bush is getting away with his stomping of pristine wildlife, with his blatant payoff to his sycophants, with his horrible economic plan making the rich the benefactors... how can bush pull off this extremely conservative agenda with so many of us appauled?

i naively thought as a child with a progressive family that sexism and racism would be gone by the time i was an adult. i have been explaining the re-election of bush as the result of the daze and confusement of the conscious people, a general shock.

but really it is a call to rally. we shouldn't be surprised that the court legislation has run its course. it is our time in this democracy to convince our fellow americans that racism and sexism
are the wrong choices for our country.

it's time to make the law state a woman's choice. it's time to make the law acknowledge that black people are still dissed through institutional racism.

perhaps the coming of george W bush is the realization that we can't rely on the courts anymore.
it's time to engage in democracy.

but the question remains, is it possible to engage in a democracy considering the influence (control?) of the legislative system (hence, dismissal of democracy) exuded by corporations?


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