Saturday, June 07, 2008

Much Love and Repect Hillary T-Shirts

Everybody kept talking about it. Hillary has to stop. Why is she still running? Come on girl, give it up.

I've been a big Obama supporter since I read his first book after seeing him at the Democratic Convention.

The reason I have always been into politics is because of my Mom. I still remember the night Carter lost to Reagan in 1980 because my Mom's birthday party was on election day that year.

The line was electric a year ago when I told her the depth of my support for Barack Obama.

She explained her support of Hillary as this:
Her entire Modus Operandi in politics has been about supporting the equality of women.
Hillary is so much the fruition of so many woman over so many years.

Any Obama lovers who want to hate on Hillary, aren't really getting the message.
I for one am proud that she played hard as long as she could. She played til the end.

Some will say she played a dirty game, I say she played well.

Much love and respect Hillary. Thanks for playing hard.
Thanks for representing.

In honor of my Moms... I made some thank you Hillary, much love and respect T-shirts.
Check 'em out.

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