Friday, August 20, 2004

Healers: All of us

I hung with Lester and Suz today. Lester asked what made Mary a healer-- can anybody be a healer? how did she acquire this power? We had started talking about how Lester wants to have a session with Mary, but she wants to do it in person. Lester wants to hear about her past lives-- what were her relationships like with people she loves today.

Mary has said that she actually has an easier time on the phone-- she experiences less distractions and may even give better healings.

Look for the posting of the interview with Mary that Johnathon and I did a couple of weeks ago. We asked her how things like: How did you get into this practice? Can you read our minds right now? What energy work have you been doing during this interview? Would you know it if you were about to get on an airplane that was going to crash? This question moved us into the question of fate vs. free will.

As soon as we can muster the will to take tape dictation, Johnathon and I will post the Q and A.