Friday, January 30, 2009

Brilliant Jazz pianist enlightens our experience of Bush.

Am I just getting old, or is jazz piano suddenly the most artistic and impressive way to get inside the George W. Bush experience?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Proposal for A Color Box

A Color Box
Proposal by Gabriel Mott
color box blog

Two years ago I took a color class with Dick Nelson that completely changed my sense of color. As I made discoveries about how and why certain combinations of colors created brilliant luminosity, I was astounded and wanted to share this experience with everybody.

A Color Box is a portable room about 8 feet cubed. Using a computer, a projector, a Wii game system and a screen, a person walking into the room will be able to interact with a color grid projected on the screen. By touching a color swatch, the entire room will change to that color.

Inspire and educate people about color through scale and interactivity.

You walk into a room and all you see is a grid of color on the wall. When you move your hands over the grid, the room changes color to match the color you touched.

Surrounded by color in a room that instantly changes based on your behavior is startling. When you are faced with how your perception of color changes based on your surroundings, your mind opens.

SOURCE Interactive Arts Festival Maui Hawaii February 2009. This event is a four day gathering sort of like a mini Burning Man for Maui Hawaii. Approximately 500 people will attend.

The swatches of color projected on the wall do not change color, only the background changes color. However, the individual swatches will seem to change color. This is an effect of our eyes called simultaneous contrast. Additional effects that will enlighten the user are halation (the brilliance and luminosity achieved with specific combinations and steps of mixed color).

Budget/Materials: $3000
All materials will be purchased used or at reduced cost where possible
Wii gaming System: $300.
4000 lumin Projector: $1400
8’ x 8’ screen: $200
Laptop computer: $400
Frosted Plexiglas: $400
Construction materials (hinges, locks, screws, paint): $300

The primary wall will be made of a screen (8'x8') projected upon from the backside. The screen will be filled with imagery similar to the color website I created called

The interaction will be possible by reverse engineering a Wii gaming system. Johnny Lee at the Ted Conference explains how to do this.

A Color Box will be reusable and mobile. Following SOURCE, A Color Box will be available to show at other festivals and schools.

I need your help to make this happen. Visit the demo page for A Color Box to donate.

Thank you!