Thursday, June 15, 2006

NBA Finals, Game 3: Gary Payton on big shots

GP gets the lead for the Heat with 9 seconds left and the shot clock expired. Everybody was asking him how it felt to take one shot all game and make it to win.
But Payton said he didn't need that shot to fall to lift his confidence. At 37, confidence never leaves this seven-time All-Star.

"I don't care about that," Payton said. "I have that confidence that I'm going to take a shot anytime, anywhere. I don't care where it's at. I'm going to take a shot, and I'm not going to go back and cry. If I miss, I miss. That's it. I think I've been playing basketball too long in my life to cry because I miss one shot."

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Video on Youtube of GP's quest with Miami to get a ring.

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