Saturday, September 10, 2005

Peeling Away the layers of America we find Nikes

Eugene Robinson wrote this great piece on the Katrina Hurricane situation:
That's what this unreal disaster did to New Orleans and the whole country. Things we tried to tuck away and forget about are suddenly out there for the world to see.
America just went and aired our dirty laundry to the world. YO WORLD!!!: "We got a 'bunch a poor people' and they are mostly black and they are the same poor people that have been here for long, long time in our country. Reagonomics, supply siders, Clinton-boom-enomics, whatever you want to blame it on, hasn't worked....

(the blame game: While Jon Stewart is really MISSING when he blames Mike Brown and FEMA-- really Brown is just a fall guy for BUSH. Don't buy this America, Brown was given no power and no good infrastructure. Bush clearly chose the wrong guy and put him in the wrong place.)

American capitalism has left WAY TOO MANY OF OUR POOR STILL POOR. And, Hurricane Katrina opened our Kimono to show that we don't really have this "poor thing" figured out.

The Right Side says that it's their own damn fault. And in a spiritual sense, we all choose our own reality, right? We all need to be responsible for ourselves. And it's true.

And then the left says: bullshit, y'all just put your friends in the best god damn jobs.
RIGHT: You do too, look at all the Clinton ambassador appointments.
LEFT: Listen, I'm just saying, that I need to take responsibility for myself, but the rules of the economic game are based on who you know. White people know white people. Rich people know rich people. And that's straight up.

RIGHT: But I would hire the most qualified person for any job. White or Black. Rich or poor.
LEFT: Sometimes I agree with your whole point, that's probably why I'm a liberal. You probably think you do hire the best person for the job..
(BTW, when a conservative can see my point, I feel as if my mind is blissed-- almost numbed perhaps... but not quite, mostly inspired because 'my god, we might actually have our country and our world come together' kind of feeling-- yes, I'm going to say it, 'in peace').
Sometimes, I agree that people need to get off their asses and get some shit done. I get the most done when I am 90% sweating but I get the most done when I am loving my job.
... but what you aren't quite admiting is that you create your own standards of who passes the muster to get the job, get into the school, and be succesful.

RIGHT: Why the race thing? Kanye West, Howard Dean?

My friend called my on the phone and said he couldn't understand the looting. That was on day 4. "I can understand taking food, but why NIKE'S?

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