Friday, August 07, 2009

Tonk The Movie

I made this movie coming out of film class at San Francisco City College about 5 years ago. Every time I want to watch it, I go to google and search Tonk Movie and it comes up with all of this honky tonk crap. I'll even try to search Gabe Mott Tonk and it still doesn't come up very high in google.

Hopefully this helps. And I hope you enjoy the movie. Someday I'll have a contest for who can interpret all the symbolism the best (cat crosses in the back while Bread says "oh like the matrix?"-- you think you can plan this stuff????). Oh and ask Dean what the buhloones are all about.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Color Eyes: Come to your Senses! Franklin

I was asked by Dick Nelson to summarize my experience of his most recent class. At the same time, Franklin asked me to Come to my Senses!

Following other presentations on the senses, I shared revelations on the interaction of color that I learned in Nelson's class and explained some of them using biological insights from Margaret Livingstone in her book "Vision and Art: Biology of Seeing".

Monday, April 20, 2009

Come to your Senses

Sunday, April 26, 2009
10:00am - 10:00pm
Mansion off N. Holokai
Haiku, HI

Come join us for a gathering that began as a pool party fundraiser and is now a full day of celebrating the senses. If you'll be at the Tarot Fest in Hana, stop off on your way home for a relaxing hot tub or sauna.

sliding scale $30-$10 donation at the door
This is a fundraiser to cover some of the gaps in living here. (call it a good ol' fashioned Rent Party if you want)

10 am TEA
10:30 am, YOGA with Sarah Schenk
noon: introduction to Mary Swanson (limited #)
all day: pool hot tub party, massage, spa with Everly
mojitos, food and good for sale
1:00 ORGANIC GARDEN FRANKLIN with Dave and others (let me know if u'd like to present)
3:00 live music with Karen B
5:00pm-7:00pm "Come to your Senses! Franklin"
(again, let me know if u'd like to present)
live music and DJs

What to bring: yoga mat, towel

If you are a massage therapist, please contact us if you would like to bring a table and offer massage.
If you have sustainable goods to sell, let us know.

If you would like to present a Franklin (adult show and tell) on one of the senses, please let me know ahead of time. Presentations should be 5 minutes or less (10 min by special request).

What does a Franklin look like?
The presenter is given the floor to share their knowledge on the specific topic. Some will include audio/visual presentation but do not need to. Think TED for the people.

Discounts offered to participants. Clean up crew neeed.

-Susan Teton Campbell: TASTE
-Joe Imhoff: TBD
-Chris Taylor
-Mountain: EYE CONTACT
email me to secure a spot
facebook event page (must be logged into facebook)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Amsterdam: Visions of Van Gogh

Six years ago, I had the opportunity to travel in Europe for 3 months. I had lofty visions at the time as I traveled to get clear on who I was and what I wanted to do.

I arrived in Amsterdam with one question circulating in my mind intended to provide me with a focus-- "What do I Cherish?". After visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, I was inspired to create a 6 foot canvas based on his painting "Almond Blossom" filled with responses from friends to the question, "What do you Cherish?"

That became the The Cherish Tree.

I returned to Amsterdam last Wednesday and was filled with adrenaline. At the Van Gogh Museum I found "Almond Blossom" as alive and vibrant as ever. Only this time, I understood better how Van Gogh made it glow. He had studied Delacroix and Vermeer and all the masters of color and light that preceded him. He truly delved into a conceptual understanding of how our eyes mix color to create vibrancy.

Note how the tree branch is made up of bold strokes of color from the same family to create halations. As well, some of the blue, beige and green strokes are the same value thus creating invisible boundaries. These are all techniques Van Gogh had studied and that he advances in his bold and crafty style. One thing I love about his strokes as he pushes the paint around is how much fun it looks like he had.

This was the painting from which I modeled the Cherish Tree. I asked everyone I knew to tell me what they cherish and I included their text in my painting. The Cherish Tree went on to become a sculpture that was the altar for the Health and Harmony Festival and was an installation at Burning Man.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

show a little flavor, have a little funk

"The paradox of progress is that imagination is always linked to style, and yet it also provides the seed for innovation that changes the face of function."
-- Shoals talking about the slam dunk-- now considered the most efficient way to get 2 points and once disdained as too showy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vision Thru Color: Art Show in Amsterdam

March 21st, 2009.

I'm in Amsterdam for two weeks, then on to New York City.
I've got the interactive Color Box technology with me and 6 original paintings that I'll be showing on Saturday March 21st.
If you are going to be in the area, I'd love to see you.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Brilliant Jazz pianist enlightens our experience of Bush.

Am I just getting old, or is jazz piano suddenly the most artistic and impressive way to get inside the George W. Bush experience?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Proposal for A Color Box

A Color Box
Proposal by Gabriel Mott
color box blog

Two years ago I took a color class with Dick Nelson that completely changed my sense of color. As I made discoveries about how and why certain combinations of colors created brilliant luminosity, I was astounded and wanted to share this experience with everybody.

A Color Box is a portable room about 8 feet cubed. Using a computer, a projector, a Wii game system and a screen, a person walking into the room will be able to interact with a color grid projected on the screen. By touching a color swatch, the entire room will change to that color.

Inspire and educate people about color through scale and interactivity.

You walk into a room and all you see is a grid of color on the wall. When you move your hands over the grid, the room changes color to match the color you touched.

Surrounded by color in a room that instantly changes based on your behavior is startling. When you are faced with how your perception of color changes based on your surroundings, your mind opens.

SOURCE Interactive Arts Festival Maui Hawaii February 2009. This event is a four day gathering sort of like a mini Burning Man for Maui Hawaii. Approximately 500 people will attend.

The swatches of color projected on the wall do not change color, only the background changes color. However, the individual swatches will seem to change color. This is an effect of our eyes called simultaneous contrast. Additional effects that will enlighten the user are halation (the brilliance and luminosity achieved with specific combinations and steps of mixed color).

Budget/Materials: $3000
All materials will be purchased used or at reduced cost where possible
Wii gaming System: $300.
4000 lumin Projector: $1400
8’ x 8’ screen: $200
Laptop computer: $400
Frosted Plexiglas: $400
Construction materials (hinges, locks, screws, paint): $300

The primary wall will be made of a screen (8'x8') projected upon from the backside. The screen will be filled with imagery similar to the color website I created called

The interaction will be possible by reverse engineering a Wii gaming system. Johnny Lee at the Ted Conference explains how to do this.

A Color Box will be reusable and mobile. Following SOURCE, A Color Box will be available to show at other festivals and schools.

I need your help to make this happen. Visit the demo page for A Color Box to donate.

Thank you!