Friday, October 07, 2005

Book Review: Letters to America

Three months before the US launched its war in Iraq, I was traveling in Turkey. The kind old man running our hotel asked us while we had breakfast overlooking the beautiful beaches of the mediteranean, "Who did you vote for, Gore or Bush?"

When we told him our answer, he replied, "How is it that Bush is president? Every American I have asked voted for Gore."

I am a proud American. And I understand when Americans adamently assert that we must support our principles abroad and protect our citizens. I also believe that as the world leader, it is important that we understand, relate to and respect our neighbors.

Letters To America, the first book from Erica Gellar, is not a peace-nik new age liberal manifesto of any kind-- rather it is a straight shooting representation of what the world would say to the USA given the voice to do so. I strongly urge you to amplify this voice. Buy the book. Buy ten. Send them to your government representatives, to your friends and to journalists.
It may be that those who voted for Bush never made it to the same hotel we did on the beaches in Turkey. Or perhaps they weren't comfortable expressing their views to the old pension owner. However, it seems to me more and more, that most of the people entrenched in the notion that America does no wrong just don't get outside much.

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