Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Malcolm in the Middle: @ Burning Man

[note as of POST 'i hope this link still works']

this is a link to the entire show without commercials. i
think dean is even in it (ok, they do a horrible job
emulating your neon light costume)... love, g


> From: suzi palmer
> Subject: bman on malcolm and the middle
> didn't see it? me neither, and i didn't want to BUT
> this is a pretty good account of bman - very accurate,
> down to the details (the banana bike which i have a
> photo of from this year! to the random guy in EL
> wire... the rebirth camp...)
> http://www.geekymedia.com/media/mim-bm.html
> please tell me this cracks you up... i'm laughing so
> hard...!!

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