Friday, September 28, 2007

Cleanse and Rejuvenate: Day 17

No alcohol, no coffee, no heated oils, no dairy, no meat, no wheat, no smoke.

The gist of the cleanse our house is on through Chinese herbalist Malik of the Dragon's Den in Makawao, HI is a lot of "no's".

The first week focused on cleansing the liver, followed by the kidneys and we have just entered the lungs. We've also had a number of days of just raw-- nothing cooked.

The benefit of a raw diet is explained as such: raw foods generally contain enzymes in their natural state that aid in their digestion.

I've been cheating on the no tobacco, but otherwise have been hardcore. At this point, I am completing the cleanse for the same reason I climbed to the top of Mt. Whitney-- The satisfaction of completion, to get to the finish line. To say I did it, I did it fully, so I don't have to do it again.

Do you sense a little edge? Perhaps I'm edgy.

Day 23 is all water. The last day is integration-- fruits, veggies.

I'm appreciating that I like balance, I like meat, I like a drink...


jdawords said...

Yo G. Not sure exactly where you're at in this whole process. I'm back from wedding, Costa Rica and then trip to LA to get our car, and now I'm going through email. With a cup of coffee at my side. (Ooh! Sorry, had to throw a dig at ya!) Glad to receive your newsletter, and looking forward to catching up on everything. (Seems like we've been saying that for a few months now.) As for the cleanse, my comment is: I feel ya. It's a great experiment, I'm glad you're doing/did it, it'll always have stories for you (like my Camino walk) and...when it's over go back to balance! The past few abstinence/cleanse periods I've had, I get to the finish line and say to myself: now why the hell did I do that again?

Ananda K. said...

good for you on the cleanse thing.
a little note on the healthy vs. bad for you oil thing...
there is one more oil that is actually very good and not clogging arteries. On the contrary it is supposed to help the body assimilate other oils and get rid of cholesterol. It is Ghee- or clarified butter, and considered Very healthy according to Ayurveda.
(you probably have no idea who I am, but that't OK :) )