Monday, December 26, 2005

Graffiti for sale

I thought I was on it with Mystical Street Art-- well here come the corporations. Nike and Sony among others are paying to have really great graffiti art -- that looks pretty close to real graffiti art -- sell there goods.

It's great-- they are going to co-opt everything. So, really, if it's good art, let it stand in opposition to really great "real" graffiti art.

What Looks Like Graffiti Could Really Be an Ad

What looks like artful vandalism is really part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for Sony's PlayStation Portable, a device that can play games, music and movies. In major cities such as San Francisco, Miami and New York, Sony has paid building owners to use wall space for the campaign, and the images have become a familiar sight.

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DC Spensley said...


What twisted system punishes and erases the self expression of youth and sanctions the expression of vampires who suck the value out of culture to enrich themselves?


Gtti is partly a response to corporate branding, it's people claiming equal time in realspace. Why is it ok for corporations to gtti all over the place? There are ads on the floor of your grocery store fer chrissakes...

Branding vs. Art

Counter to what contemporary media theory might suggest, it might not be so cool to erase the theoretical boundaries between commercial and so called fine arts. Because it is not the same thing regardless what the scrack smoking pomos assert.

This is what capital wants, to coopt everything. Damn straight N*ke is appropriating gtti, any channel to people's minds will eventually be purchased by capital. This is another immutable law of capital. This is what it does, and if some people suffer in the process (and they will) the corporate construct protects them from ethical culpability (so they pretend).

--To make yourself rich is to make someone else poor.--

--The single most effective way to curb machiavellian capitalism would be to roll the corporate charte back two centuries. Campaign finance reform is a close second....---

Buy low sell high is the name of the game. Spamming your brain housing group sells product and makes you come back for more; it also pollutes your thinking with trivialities, corrupts the spirit with petty avarice and desire and at the very least fouls your view of the world.

We are injured by advertising. Gtti is art trying to heal that hurt. This sentiment probably would not sit well with many street painters, but it's not an individual thing, but the expression en masse of the spirit of humanity reeling from the over-comodification of everything we hold dear. I heard a Jimi Hendrix song used in a car commercial the other day. This made me want to cry...

"White collar conservative flashing down the street,
pointing their plastic finger at me.

Hoping my kind will soon drop and die,
But I'm gonna wave my freak flag high, high."